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Scotland To Discuss Disability Discrimination With Airline Industry

  • Written by Roberto Castiglioni

Shona RobisonShona Robison MSP, Scotland's Minister for Commonwealth Games and Sport, is approaching the airline industry to discuss discrimination against disabled people.


“You will be interested to know that the Scottish Parliament debated the motion [Airlines Discriminating against Disabled People] during a Members’ Business Debate on 23 January”,  Mrs Robinson says in her letter addressed and issued to the various airlines mentioned in the Debate, Scottish airport operators, the CAA and Mr Neil Findlay MSP.


An incident involving MS sufferer John Findlay on a Jet2 flight triggered the Scottish Parliament debate of 23 January on a motion lodged by Neil Findlay MSP.


“In this year of all years, when the Commonwealth games and the Ryder cup are coming to Scotland and disabled Neil Findlay MSPpassengers will come from all over the world to visit Scotland, every airplane landing in Scotland with over 60 seats that is capable of carrying on-board aisle wheelchairs should have them. That would allow every passenger to travel with some level of dignity,” Neil Findlay said.


“I am more than happy to use this debate to ensure that those organisations, agencies and businesses are well aware of the Parliament’s views on this matter. If we can make some progress on that, this debate will have been very worthwhile indeed,” the Scottish Minister for Commonwealth Games and Sport Shona Robison said.


True to her word, Mrs Robison is now calling on the air travel industry to discuss concerns raised during the debate.


“As I mentioned during the debate, these are issues of significant importance and the EU, airlines, regulatory bodies and governments all have a role to ensure that disabled passengers are treated in a dignified way.  I append a link to the debate and I would be happy to discuss the issues raised in more detail,” she said in her letter to airlines and airports.


“It is refreshing to see the Scottish Government take the lead on the debate on access to air travel,” Reduced Mobility Rights management said. “Airlines and airports have been relying on the UK government deafening silence on protection of access to air travel rights long enough. Scotland's Minister for Commonwealth Games and Sport message is loud and clear: inaction is no longer an option.”



I wish best of luck to the reduced mobility rights for their dedicated service towards the disabled people in air travel.

A. Matin

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