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Hello and welcome to Reduced Mobility Rights.


Far too often we see situations where people with disabilities bear the brunt of discrimination and humiliation. Access to air travel is not something we can take for granted.


My analysis is not academic. It is the outcome of personal experience as the father of a child bearing a serious condition that affects his development and mobility. 


As a frequent flyer, I realised how many obstacles and problems people with special needs meet when going to the airport or getting on an aeroplane. 


The vast majority of us have the physical and intellectual resources to overcome challenging situations. But travel disruptions may be a mountain too high to climb for a disabled person. 


Feedback from parents of disabled children made me realise how these problems often persuade them from taking their loved ones on holiday. 


Problems don’t  go away on their own. They are corrected or removed when someone makes things better. 


Troubleshooting, researching ways to do things better have been part of me since my childhood.  In this perspective, the choice to put my personal experience to test to improve access to air travel for all was my one-way street.


How do you change things? A problem is not perceived until people realise it. This website focuses on raising awareness on the multiple aspects that make access to air travel a reality.


Readers access quality content thanks to a network of contacts in politics, law enforcement, airport managing bodies, airlines, and with frequent flyers. 


Awareness is one piece of the puzzle. Political campaigns to improve rules are another important part of my work. In 2013, I successfully introduced four amendments to changes of EU Regulation 261/2004.


In January 2014, The Scottish parliament discussed a motion on the availability of aisle chairs. I redacted the document the parliament used for discussion.


On December 1st, 2014 the UK Civil Aviation Authority receive civil enforcement powers to make sure the rights of the disabled travelling by air can be enforced. This is something I campaigned for these last three years.


Raise awareness, lobby for better policy are now complemented by the final piece of the puzzle. In the last few years I built an unparalleled knowledge of problems and solutions to every aspect of access to air travel. This was essential to create the consulting branch of Reduced Mobility Rights.


We are best equipped to help airports and airlines understand and put into force process and procedures that deliver customer service excellence to passengers with special needs.


Knowledge, passion, and empathy are the driving force of my work, the key ingredients to make access to air travel something our sons will be able to take for granted.


Roberto Castiglioni

Publisher - Reduced Mobility Rights




"I emailed Reduced Mobility Rights not knowing where my email was going, I received a swift response that anticipated my need to be heard and understood. Thank you for ever."


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