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WASHINGTON, DC – An Ideal Destination for the Wheelchair Holiday-maker

  • Written by Allan Harris

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, WASHINGTON DCOne of the most accessible cities in the world, Washington, DC is a place that never fails to strike a chord with its visitors. Home to some of the most admirable museums, breath-taking sights and extraordinary attractions, Washington prides itself on all the comfort and ease it has to offer.


Assuring everyone a home-like holiday experience, Washington not only embraces the individual needs of tourists, but also makes the desired accommodations to meet their needs. As America’s most iconic travel destination, Washington extends a warm welcome to holiday-makers coming to it throughout the year.


Famous for the White House, the Capitol and virtually endless monuments peppered throughout the city, the most famous landmarks provide easy access for the mobility impaired and offers assistance for other types of disabled travellers as well.


With metro buses having wheelchair lifts, exploring the city is no issue. Moreover, with a Metro disability ID card, you can also get discounts on fares. With this and a lot of other facilities, some of the most disabled friendly attractions in Washington are as follows.


Smithsonian Museums


A number of museums showcasing exceptional specimens of a huge selection of items ranging from insects to aircrafts and meteorites to locomotives, these museums are simply astonishing. Completely wheelchair accessible, here guided tours are offered to ensure something for everyone.  Other amenities include curb cuts, designated parking and a lot more.


Memorials in Washington


Speckled with numerous monuments and memorials, Washington honors its acclaimed generals, politicians and all those who have played a significant role in shaping up the country’s illustrious history. All the memorials in Washington have been specifically designed to aid travelers suffering from any impairment. Some of the famous ones in this regard include the African American Civil War Memorial and Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, DC War Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial and a lot more.


John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts


Exhibiting exceptional shows and performances  the John F. Kennedy Center is wheelchair accessible with minimal use of stairs. Moreover, there are wireless, infrared listening-enhancement systems featured here apart from the headphones for the hearing-impaired audience. Some performances are also offered in sign language.


The National Theater


The disabled can enjoy memorable performances even if they are suffering from visual or hearing impairment. What makes it an even feasible option is the fact that the theater offers tickets at discounted rates for the disabled.


With all these amenities, the disabled are offered convenience and comfort as they travel in Washington.


Getting there


People with reduced mobility traveling to Washington DC by air can rely on their rights being protected by CFR 14 Part 382. All airlines flying from and to the United States must comply with the regulation. If experiencing problems with assistance and services, please contact the airline’s CRO (Complaint Resolution Official). Each airline must have one on duty at all times to ensure problems are resolved as they occur and to keep official record of serious problems. 



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