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Lavish London, Dreamland of Disabled Travel

  • Written by Allan Harris

London, dreamland for disabled touristsBeing disabled once meant that you have to carefully look for what you will be getting before booking a travel or holiday. The good news is that the situation has taken a dramatic shift. 


Holiday trips to the United Kingdom were once only possible for the able-bodied. However, today, with the influx of all the technology, holidays are now a promising chance for everyone to travel and explore the world to their heart’s content.


London is the city where love is in the air. Romantic and resplendent, London is all about brilliant sights and stunning vistas. Abundant in exotic attractions, one can never enough of this city bearing extravagance and elegance.


Home to some of the most astonishing pieces of art, London can proudly boast of a history that is both rich and diverse. Recent improvements to accessibility have made it an even more popular travel destination. With the plethora of attractions waiting to be explored, London is the place to be for everyone, regardless of one’s physical impairments.


London is scenic, breath-taking and picture perfect. Some of the sights most visited by disabled tourists in this city are as follows:


The British Museum:


A must-see for all those with a love for history, British Museum has a lot of lifts. The best part is that there is a map and leaflet for the physically challenged. Moreover, there are other hearing and visual aids such as sound guides or sign-interpreted talks that allow the handicaps to move freely and easily.


Tate Modern:


Tate Modern, the hub of art lovers, houses exceptional pieces of art that inspire nothing but awe. Catering to a diverse community of art lovers, Tate Modern extends accessibility through the various assistance options available. From touch tours to audio guides, raised images to large prints, radio mics to induction loops, disabled can tour this area with an ease never experienced before.


London Eye:


Experience laudable London like never before. Mind boggling are the views of the city from the height, something you will not be able to forget sometime soon. Accessible through lift, the capsule is temporarily stopped to ensure safe entry. Wheelchair service and a fast track service are available for those with reduced mobility.


Madame Tussauds:


Get ready for an experience of a lifetime at Madame Tussauds. With wax statues of the biggest celebs, there will be no single star you won’t be able to take a snap with. Entry for caretakers is free of cost. Since it has limited wheelchairs, it is highly recommended to book them in advance. Also available are the aids for those with hearing or visual impairments.


Start the planning. It is time to have an escapade to the enchanting city!



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