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Holidays in Hong Kong Promise Utmost Accessibility for the Disabled

  • Written by Allan Harris

Hong Kong Accessible Town for the DisabledHong Kong, the city of exceptional beauty, is the preference on every tourist’s destination agenda. Dotted with scenic sights and blessed with natural beauty, it has a certain ethereal charm that is characteristic to it. It is because of this reason that Hong Kong continues to top the list of vacationers as a destination across the globe.


What makes it an even bigger attraction is the fact that Hong Kong offers a kaleidoscope of attractions providing a high degree of accessibility. This way, Hong Kong warmly welcomes those suffering from any sorts of mobility related impairments and difficulties.


With most of the attractions suggesting step-free access, considerations such as reserved car parking for disabled are available at majority of the attractions. That is why, ‘simply stunning’ is the way one defines a trip to Hong Kong.


A memorable experience of a city with vivid cultural diversity, Hong Kong is a cornucopia of soaring mountains, magnificent sky scrapers, heritage sites and lush green countryside.  Extending access to a majority of tourist sites in the area, Hong Kong strives to make vacations a true joy for everyone.


Some of the friendliest attractions and things to do for the disabled in Hong Kong are as follows:


Star Ferry and Victoria Harbour:


Get the unique experience of riding the Star Ferry and enjoy the Victoria Harbour. Gliding and bumping across the waters, you get a glimpse of Hong Kong’s sheer splendour. Particularly at night time, the view is spectacular as one gets to see the harbour resplendent with those orange lights on both sides of the border. Since the ferry provides ramp access, one can easily board and un-board it. 


Skyscrapers and Architecture:


If you have an interest in architecture, you will be astonished to find that in this regard, no destination comes close to Hong Kong. Phenomenal and future-forward, Hong Kong skyscrapers also have some outstanding light shows at night. The most stunning buildings that deserve accolade for their ingenuity include the Lippo Center, HSBC headquarters and Hong Kong’s renowned high-rise, the 88-story Two International Finance Centre.


Since there are taxis available that have extra room to accommodate wheelchairs, one can easily roam around the area. There are even wheelchair accessible pathways.


Museum Of History:


A shady mystery to people across the world, the history of Hong Kong is unveiled at the Museum Of History. Find how Hong Kong transformed into the beautiful and strong city it is today. With its many intriguing exhibits showcased here, it is a must for every tourist. Moreover, the entire museum is accessible through the elevators.


Offering more friendly attractions for the disabled than any other country in the world, Hong Kong is a bustling dynamic metropolis that can be surprisingly seen with ease and with all the amenities offered.


Hong Kong International airport offers top quality services and assistance to travellers with reduced mobility and other impairments. When traveling to and from Hong Kong we recommend flying with EU airlines, bound to comply with EU Regulation 1107/2006,



Until getting in touch with Reduced Mobility Rights airports or airlines were not responding to me. I was made to feel isolated and worthless. Thanks to RMR I have been given a voice that in turn enabled me the confidence to travel again.

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