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Disabled Transport Facilities Issues: London Underground Under Scrutiny

London Underground Under ScrutinyOne of the most notable issues I've noticed in the past week is the fanfare surrounding new improvements to railway stations.


Well, not to the stations exactly but the fact that disabled access and facilities have been improved.


That's all well and good but does it not show just how poor the situation is that when things do change the authorities have to trumpet the news?


There's been improved disabled parking at the renovated Audley End station in Saffron Walden - officially reopened last week - among a range of improvements.


The improvements also include new passenger lifts.


And this week Network Rail unveiled improvements to Bolton railway station.


Among a long list of improvements they only appear to think that improved disabled toilets to be worth mentioning. I'm hoping that access and ease-of-use once in the station for disabled people has been thought of.


And again in Northampton, plans for a new bus station state access for disabled people will be improved but little detail of what else can be expected to help make their journeys easier.


Here at we’ve already highlighted the poor situation of London’s underground network for disabled people and the lack of access to far too many stations.


It's a shame that many railway and bus stations still don't have facilities that are good enough for disabled people but it's a bigger shame that when small changes are made - or improvements that should have been carried out years ago - have to be the subject of boastful press releases.


* Further to the article last week about the issues faced by people using the London Underground comes news of a petition to improve the situation at one station.


Travellers at Harrow station have set up an online petition to get a lift installed instead of travellers facing a long flight of steps.

If you support their plan, the petition is at:


And here’s hoping that other travellers get organised to improve facilities at their stations too. 



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