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Disability Travel: Scotland, Paradise on Earth for Disabled Holidaymakers

  • Written by Allan Harris

Scotland, Paradise for disabled holidaymakersHighly accessible for people with reduced mobility, Scotland extends a warm welcome to every holidaymaker regardless of his/her disability.


Scotland with its astounding beauty is a landscape that is marred with remnants of the past. Peppered with fortresses, castles and tower houses, Scotland is strikingly scenic and picturesque in the least. Home to some of the most impressive structures in all of Europe, it comes as no surprise that it continues topping the list of visitors as a ‘must-see’.


Promising unsurpassed beauty, Scotland is fun and festive from one stretch to the other. From accommodations to attractions, Scotland prides itself for addressing the concerns of travellers with issues of reduced mobility. Simply put, tourism in Scotland is aimed at treating everyone equally irrespective of the challenges one has to face in their daily life. 


With such motivations in mind, Scotland is truly a roller coaster ride for everyone with special attention given to those who need any kind of aid and assistance. The following are some of the attractions that you just cannot afford missing out on a trip to Scotland.


Drummond Gardens:


Known as "the best example of formal terraced gardens in Scotland," Drummond exceptional castle with an archetypal architecture is engulfed by the Drummond Gardens. With a kaleidoscope of flowers and greenery in all shapes and colours, the beauty of this garden is simply breath-taking.


Promising disabled holidaymakers an experience they will cherish for years to come, the Drummond Gardens provide accessibility through wheelchairs that can easily move on the gravel paths. A true feast to one’s senses, Drummond Gardens with its fabulous Italian fountains is an experience of a lifetime. Drummond Castle is located in Muthill parish, 2.5 miles south of Crieff, and it is 56 miles from Edinburgh.


Royal Yacht Britannia:


This royal yacht with its overwhelming size is something straight out of some fantasy film. With spacious rooms, staircases and impeccable decks, it is hard to imagine that being physically challenged, it is possible for anyone see it properly, let alone explore.


Thanks to the many lifts and ramps accommodated here, no matter how difficult one may find it to believe, this huge vessel is now accessible to everyone. With its impressive decor and lavish amenities, this yacht is something you just cannot help cherish. The Royal Yacht Britannia is located at the Ocean Terminal in Edinburgh.


Kailzie Gardens:


Boosting one’s spirits and revitalizing one’s senses, Kailzie Gardens is an amazing display of riches of the green kingdom located just 25 miles south of Edinburgh. Opened seven days a week throughout the year, a trip to Kailzie Gardens will coax you into appreciating Mother Nature’s charm.


This area has a large walled garden displaying snowdrops, daffodils and thousands of bluebells that never fails to enchant anyone. With wheelchair access to most areas, you won’t even feel that you have any kind of disability, as you will roam and explore this garden.


So start planning a trip to Scotland as another day in a paradise awaits you.



I and my severely disabled wife wish to express our sincere gratefulness for the help and support this website gave us to enable us to reach a resolution with the air carrier.

John Greenwood.

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