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Disability Travel: Overwhelming Orlando for an Ostentatious Holiday

  • Written by Allan Harris

Orlando Top Disability Travel DestinationOrlando, the land of exceptional beauty, is a sight to behold. One of the most visited cities in the state of Florida; Orlando is nothing short of a reverie exuding charm and utmost beauty. Dotted with scenic sights, Orlando is just the place to have a relaxing respite.


While there is a wide assortment of attractions to choose from for the able-bodied, what gives Orlando a definite edge above all others is that it also graciously accommodates disabled holidaymakers and those with issues of reduced mobility. Promising all the amenities you can ask for, Orlando strives to let persons with disability enjoy their vacation as much as the usual tourists. 


Boasting of unspoiled pulchritude and ravishing resplendence, Orlando prides itself for being the perfect embodiment of fun and convenience even for the disabled ones. With wheelchair accessible accommodations in abundance, you no need to worry about those family members that can’t move freely.  


With a tourism rate that speaks volumes of this city’s upbeat magnetism, it is Orlando’s recognition of the physically impaired that makes it a promising pick for every other tourist. Even with restrictions, it seems on a visit to Orlando, one can never run out of things to do and see. Out of all the stunning sights that deserve a visit, some of the most celebrated ones among the disabled have been outlined as follows:



A trip to Orlando is incomplete if you are not visiting this jewel of a land. Famous with adults and children alike, Disney World is one place you just cannot afford to miss. Extravagant theme parks, sumptuous meals and lavish accommodations are some of the perks that Disney World has to offer. If you think this is the place for the physically perfect only, you are in for a big surprise. Disney world even has rides that fit wheelchairs, even visual and hearing aids, so that even the disabled can experience all the excitement and exhilaration they deserve.



Beaches in Orlando are another attraction that is a priority on everyone’s list of itinerary with immobilized family members. With more than 1200 miles of accessible coastline to explore and beaches featuring specially adapted wheelchairs and ramps, your loved ones will no longer have to stay stranded again. 



Another place that never fails to strike a chord with tourists is the Universal Studios theme park. Offering a special disabled guest parking pass, Universal Studios theme park has wheelchairs and electric conveyance vehicles which makes it a must have destination in the disability travel options Orlando has to offer. Taking ease a step further, this theme park also provide telecommunications device for the deaf for those with hearing impairments. With such outstanding perks, Universal Studios is a dream come true for every individual suffering from any disability.


In a nutshell, a trip to Orlando is nothing but a magical mystery tour promising you and your family member a time well spent. Remember; don’t let reduced mobility imprison you. It is time you dream, dare and discover!



I have contacted Reduced Mobility Rights on a few occasions for support and advice; on each occasion they have been nothing less than fantastic - thank you and keep up the good work!

Jonathan Fogerty

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