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Charming Cornwall, the Perfect Idea of a Holiday for Disabled

  • Written by Allan Harris

One of the most promising tourist spot for disabled holiday makers is Cornwall.While there are countries that do not realize the special needs of the physically disabled, United Kingdom is one of those that does not only value all of its visitors irrespective of their abilities but also accommodates them just as fairly.


Working tirelessly so that all the demands are met, United Kingdom is home to many tourist attractions and venues that one can explore through the plethora of facilities with relative ease. One of the most promising tourist spot in this regard is Cornwall.


No matter what your age or background is, suffering from physical disabilities does not make you any less eligible for a holiday in Cornwall.  Retaining one of the most distinctive cultural identities, Cornwall is a tempting country to visit with its exceptional beauty.


Captivating ardour and charm, Cornwall prides itself for harbouring some of the most accessible myriad attractions in the country. Cornwall, each year, not only warmly welcomes hordes of tourists flocking to it but also has a kaleidoscope of things to do, something to make every taste and pocket.


Some of the most accessible attractions dotting the area are as follows:


Eden Project:


Eden project is a very impressive tourist attraction that draws one tourist out of every eighth. This attraction has cars that disabled holiday-makers can easily drive as they roam around the area. Specifically designed in such a way that people with reduced mobility won’t have to face any obstacles, unlike other attractions there are no stairs or ramps here. Enjoy your trip as you watch the bio domes capturing a huge assortment of flora and fauna.




Cornwall has many gorgeous beaches, resplendent with all their beauty and charm. Abounding greenery and picturesque sights, these beaches have easy access offered by means of cars and buses for those with issues of reduced mobility. Motorized scooters and wheelchairs are also available to ensure everyone an increased level of independence and freedom of mobility.


Tate Gallery:


If you are an art buff, Tate Gallery in St. Ives is where you need to head to. An incredible collection of art, this gallery is home to some of the most amazing masterpieces showcasing ingenuity and innovation like never before. The entire gallery is wheelchair accessible and allows entry for guides and even hearing dogs. 


With all this and much more, it comes as no surprise that Cornwall draws such a large number of tourists. With so many facilities, it is needless to say, that Cornwall has something for everyone.



We had an insulting and physically damaging experience on board an international flight. We approached Reduced Mobility Rights and received support to reach a resolution.

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