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Rome Airport Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Service

  • Written by Roberto Castiglioni

Aeroporti Di Roma LogoA simple idea can help make travel with disabilities much easier; this is the concept behind a new service launched by Leonardo Da Vinci Airport in Rome to take the legwork out of planning the journey from Fiumicino to the Eternal City.

The airport wheelchair-accessible taxi service is a necessary travel option for those that have physical disabilities. It provides them with the opportunity to travel without needing to worry about the availability of accessible transportation at the destination. Rome's Fiumicino Airport now offers wheelchair-accessible cabs to help travelers with disabilities get around and make the commute easier.
One does not need to completely reinvent the wheel in order to create a better service. Taking a simple gap analysis is all that one needs in order to identify areas where additional services could be useful and make the journey more comfortable for those with disabilities. 
We often focus on the airport journey, and the inflight experience, forgetting that people need to get to and from the airport in order to flyCare to Fly price list to their destination and return home.
Traveling abroad is often hard for people with disabilities, making it difficult to find transport by taxi when necessary. When seeking wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAVs), passengers might face a range of challenges. They could potentially have to overcome language barriers and shop around to find offers within different budget constraints in order to get the cheapest deal.
Aeroporti Di Roma (ADR) identified this gap and came up with a brilliant solution: the Care to Fly Service. Passengers who need accessible cabs can book it through the airport's assistance service website. There is a fixed price for the cost of using the service, depending on which of three zones in Rome you are traveling in. This eliminates any unexpected and confusing costs.
The additional benefit of hiring this service is that the airport assistance service will take you from the aircraft to your accessible taxi if you are arriving, or, If you're leaving, an agent will meet you when the taxi arrives at the airport and will take care of you until you're on board your flight.
The service is available 24/7 and starts with 65 Euro one way for a wheelchair-accessible taxi. On top of this, there is an extra charge for late-night bookings (from midnight until 6 am). The service can be booked by visiting the airport assistance service website, 
It is heartwarming to see an airport operator like ADR go out of their way to accommodate persons with disabilities. Rome airports' new service sees them lead by example and ensure that people with disabilities are able to enjoy a seamless journey to their final destination.


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