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Berlin Tegel Airport Accessibility Review

Berlin Tegel AirportEven though approaching its closure, I chose to review accessibility services at Berlin Tegel due to the fact that I am very familiar with it.


Sadly though, this airport will not be around for much longer as it is scheduled to close in 2013; this is because Berlin is busy completing the construction of its new international hub, which will be called Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport and will absorb the terminal infrastructure of the second of Berlin’s currently operating airport, Schönefeld (also due for closure in 2013) so check this site in the near future, when the virtues (or lack thereof) of the new airport (that is still a work in progress) will be looked at.


So, it is about to be all change for Berlin’s airports but, in the meantime, I am very pleased to tell you all about Tegel. 


Tegel airport is the fourth busiest in Germany (after those of Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf) and dealt with over 16 million passengers in 2011. It has four compact terminals – identified by the letters A, B, C and D – with Terminal A (the busiest of them) situated in a very cleverly designed building, shaped as a hexagon around an open square, which considerably reduces the walking distance from aircraft gate to terminal. In fact, I have measured it to be no more than about 30 metres!


The remaining terminals also feature easy access, with Terminal C predominantly allocated to serve transit passengers. There is also very speedy external access into the airport itself, a distance of about 10 metres from your taxi to the main entrance. Also, all the airport’s facilities are situated on the same floor level, so there are no stairs, lifts or escalators to negotiate. 


Transport to and from the city itself is very well organised, providing a constant and plentiful supply of taxis, available outside Terminals A, C and D, coupled with efficient and speedy bus services. 


The airport is mainly served by scheduled carriers; Lufthansa – the national carrier – and British Airways, to name just a couple.


The airport offers easily understandable signage, clean wheelchair-accessible toilets, telephones and wheelchair ramps. The disabled parking spaces are clearly marked out and are located in car park P1 (the short stay car park located in front of Terminal A) and also in car park P2. For further information, the number to call is 0049 (0)1805000.


About the author:


Sandy Walker worked in the airline industry for 25 years as ticket agent and supervisor until diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, resulting in a career change to freelance travel writer. Born in London, she now resides in Tuscany.


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