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Complaining in Emirates tops RMR general search terms

  • Written by Roberto Castiglioni

It came as a surprise; "complaining in emirates" is the leading general search term that drives traffic to Reduced Mobility Rights.


Obviously, specific terms such as "reduced mobility rights" dominate other keywords in number of searches. However, I never expected to see how many people are looking for ways to complain to the Middle Eastern airline.


I used to be a top tier with their loyalty program, which means i used to fly them quite often. However, I decided to stop flying with Emirates entirely in autumn 2009.


I do remember how complicated it used to be to simply find the way to file a complaint. Normal passengers were handed out "comment cards" to fill in. I remember it took the airline over two months to respond to one card I compiled. Needless to say, the reply was a "sorry for the inconvenience it's not our fault" kind of message.


As top tier passenger, I had access to their local customer service department in the U.K. However, the result was more or less the same as the comment card.


So I did what everybody can and should do; stop flying Emirates and take their business elsewhere.


True, Emirates have a bling bling entertainment system but so do other airlines, from the humble Air Canada to the flamboyant Singapore Airlines. 


The biggest issue I used to confront was the lack of standards with cabin crews. You could go from passionate and dedicated to those who treat passengers as an inconvenience. When the latter became far too frequent I decided to move on. And by the appearance of searches coming through, the trend is still following the decline path. Sad to see a great airline losing its standards. But hey, that's life.



I can’t begin to express my thanks to Reduced Mobility Rights for the priceless support I received when planning a long haul flight this summer with my daughter (who has severe cerebral palsy). Thank you!

Heather Mispagel

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